Review Ireland – Jedward Waterline

If lipstick wasn’t enough back in 2011, Jedward are back singing for Ireland. There is no doubt Jedward certainly have energy and deliver an entertaining performance, mainly appreciated by all who are in their teen years.

The song has some fairly successful aspects and certainly will end up being a hit in the UK and Ireland (Jedward have passionate followers here) But is it for Eurovision? Entertainment purposes maybe, but song quality definitely not.

Waterline does lack quality lyrics and needs, what looks like an army of backing singers to keep the song going, but all this aside, Jedward perform like Jedward perform high energy, pulse racing so it should prove a popular middle of road kind of song. It will certainly get the teens televoting which could be seen as a good thing for the lads.

We predict Waterline will advance to the final on the 26th May 2012.