Song Review – Valentina Monetta – The Social Network Song (OH OH — Uh – OH OH) (San Marino)

Well when San Marino had to change the lyrics of there song a few months back, we all thought great we got rid of that horrid song. Unfortunately we didn’t, we saw just a few cheesy lines changed and a new title. The song lacks good writing and certainly is not anything that will pull voters in. We await to see what the performance turns out like, but we don’t hold high hopes for this song.

We predict The Network Song will not advance to the final.

San Marino Eurovision Song

San Marino has previewed their Eurovision entry for 2012, I think it’s safe to say it has a social aspect to the song.

Listen to the song below

We don’t often dismiss a song so soon after a preview here at Euro Song Nation, but this entry is just so dated but with modern themes. San Marino seem to have sent a song that will certainly secure a place in the cheesey Eurovision hall of fame. I don’t feel this song will advance past the semi finals but you never know!.