Song Review – Eleftheria Eleftheriou – Aphrodisiac (Greece)

With all the trouble in Greece this year, we should be thankful that Greece even have a entry. The song seems typical of Greece. It’s a very standard pop song with very little imagination given when writing the lyrics. If this makes the final, we already know it will bag at least 1 set of 12 points, say no more!.


Song Review – Anmary – Beautiful Song (Latvia)

Lativa sings in English this year and in fact makes several references to past Eurovision winners. The only problem we have here, is it could well be a bit cheesy, if there is such a thing in Eurovision. The song is sung well and we wish it all the luck, we think it will need it (don’t worry were often wrong).

Song Review – Rona Nishliu – Suus (Albania)

This is one of those songs that took a while to sink in, but surprisingly it did and it’s sung very well. A powerful song with excellent vocals which I’m sure will rumble around the crystal hall in Baku. Albania normally do fairly well in the semi finals and we don’t expect much change there this year.

We predict Albania will advance to the final.

Song Review – Sinplus – Unbreakable (Switzerland)

Sinplus are kind of our guilty pleasure. It’s not the type of song you relate to the Eurovision song contest but it has some good lyrics and styled in a way which could appeal to many mainly thanks to a catchy chorus which seems to be attracting people. Not everyone will pick up the phone and vote for this, but we think they do deserve a place on the final.

Song Review – Iris – Would You (Belgium)

A nice ballad from Belgium this year, the song is sung well and has some well written lyrics. The song seems to have a fair fan base and support this year, but were afraid maybe not enough to advance to the final. Iris does a good job here and we wish her all the best in tomorrows night final.

We think its border line if Belgium make the final, Good Luck!

Song Review – Pernilla Karlsson – Nar jag blundar (Finland)

A song undoubtedly sung well, were not totally sure the woman prancing around on the runway. The song is one of those middle of the road songs. Its well written and has nice lyrics, it’s plain and simple which isn’t always a bad thing. Concentrate on the song and the voice and its a pleasant song all round.

 We don’t think this song will advance to the final.

Song Review – Izabo – Time (Israel)

Where do we go with this song? Well apart from being lost in some dark circus with a band, we don’t really know!.

The song does have a slightly catchy chorus, however has a very cheesy feel about the whole production, lets just hope we don’t have a circus on the stage on the night, that could become horribly interesting. The song is despite being cheesy fairly well written and isn’t the worst song of Eurovision 2012 by far.

We predict this song could just make the final, it all depends on the public with this one, I’m not sure the juries will award much.

Song Review – Valentina Monetta – The Social Network Song (OH OH — Uh – OH OH) (San Marino)

Well when San Marino had to change the lyrics of there song a few months back, we all thought great we got rid of that horrid song. Unfortunately we didn’t, we saw just a few cheesy lines changed and a new title. The song lacks good writing and certainly is not anything that will pull voters in. We await to see what the performance turns out like, but we don’t hold high hopes for this song.

We predict The Network Song will not advance to the final.

Song Review – Ivi Adamou – La La Love (Cyprus)

When we think of Cyprus, we cant help thinking about how they always manage to bag 12 points no matter what the song is like, of course that’s thanks to Greece.

La la Love is a rather upbeat entry and does appear quite refreshing, you just cant help tapping your feet to the beat. Is it Eurovision gold though? We think not, despite a lot of talk about the song a few months back, general opinion seems to have lowered within the Eurovision community. If the song is sung well on the night it could bag some well deserved points.

We predict that Cyprus will advance to the final this year.